February 8 2017 Edition

Winners of the National Snow Sculpture competition

Photo: Danielle Burns
The winners of this year’s National Snow Sculpture competition, based on the theme of Canada’s 150th anniversary, are no strangers to success. The team from the Montérégie region of Quebec represented Canada last year in the 2016 International Snow Sculpture competition and won multiple prizes, including first prize for their work, The Puppet. 

Winter Carnival parade a fantasy world of giant animals

Photo: Cassandra Kerwin
The 63rd Winter Carnival Night Parade drew spectators into a world of fantasy and imagination. On February 4, children and adults of all ages waited along the parade route in Charlesbourg, the duchy of Carnival Queen Claudine Julien, in anticipation of the wonders to come.

Ice-canoe racers battle strong currents and heavy snowfall

Photo: Cassandra Kerwin
On February 5, some 350 racers crouched by their canoes at the Old Port, wiping away wet snow, waiting for Bonhomme to signal the start of the Winter Carnival Ice-Canoe Race. Crowds gathered at Louise Basin, on the docks along Quebec City’s Old Port and across that river in Lévis.

Amélie Godin honoured for her work in suicide prevention

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Students at St. Vincent’s School gathered in the cafeteria last Wednesday, February 1, as part of a special surprise for their former teacher. As Amélie Godin, Queen of the 2016 Winter Carnival, was led into the cafeteria, she was greeted with cheers by the children.

For the love of bikes!

Photo: Rachel Collet
Although most motorcycle lovers cleared out early Sunday afternoon in anticipation of the Super Bowl game that evening, they managed to pack ExpoCité on Friday and Saturday for the Quebec City Salon de la Moto et VTT.

Mosque mea culpa

We live in an age of immediate, relentless news coverage. Social media and all-news channels have turned what used to be called the news cycle into a constant stream, where information is communicated as it happens. Sometimes, too often, some of that information is wrong, and sometimes hurtfully so.

Jean ROUSSEAU 1928-2017



Bryson Stella_crop.jpg

Conservative hopeful Chris Alexander woos Quebec

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Chris Alexander calls from his car, travelling to Rivière-du-Loup from Montmagny, where he has just done an early morning radio interview. After the interview, he took a walk to visit a historic site, the ancestral home of Étienne-Paschal Taché, described by him as “arguably the most important person in the whole Confederation story.”

Blue Week at Champlain–St. Lawrence highlights mental health

Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Stress, anxiety and depression have been the bane of many college students as they study and work hard to achieve the high standards necessary to enter university programs.

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