February 10 2016 Edition

News Digest February 10 2016

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Perfect weather draws a crowd to the Calgary Stampede Breakfast

Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Bright sun and mild weather brought crowds out to Place d’Youville for the annual Calgary Stampede Flapjack Breakfast last Saturday. Some 4,000 sausages were grilled and as many flapjacks were flipped to the delight of those waiting in line to be served at 9:30 a.m. Calgary and Quebec are twin cities. 

Quebec Winter Carnival photography exhibit

Photo: Photo by Rachel Collet

Until February 14, Espace Contemporain at 313 Rue Saint-Jean will be showcasing the work of twelve photographers in conjunction with the 62nd Quebec Winter Carnival. The 72 photographs collectively express the theme of Quebec City in winter, called Québec sous Zéro.

Memorials and Things of Fame

Photo: Wikimedia Commons


The Morning Chronicle

The story behind Rue Lee

street views.jpg
Photo: Bill Cox

Bill 86 hearings pushed back to February 16

Public hearings into Bill 86 – the act modifying school boards and abolishing school board elections – will begin on February 16, twenty days after they were originally scheduled to start, due to the illness of Minister of Education Pierre Moreau. 

Jamie Adkins elicits belly laughs with Circus Incognitus

Photo: Danielle Burns

A clown dances, plays, laughs, cries and loves. Everyone has a clown inside of them, it’s just a matter of letting it out.” –  Jamie Adkins, clown 

Rob Lutes’ songwriting and city buses

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Rob Lutes’ songwriting workshop on February 3 was cancelled due to the weather, however, I didn’t discover this until I got to the closed door of the building where it was being held. If anything, Milli Vanilli were right in this instance to “Blame it on the rain.” 

Star Wars Landspeeder will light up the Quebec City International Car Show

star wars car.jpg
Photo: Photo provided by the Salon de l’auto de Québec

Charlesbourg Carnival parade features Nordic symbols

Photo: Danielle Burns

The Winter Carnival parade in Charlesbourg featured Nordic symbols such as wolves, reindeer, narwhals, icebergs and inuksuit (plural of inukshuk). The weather on Saturday night was ideal, with temperatures just below freezing and a picture-perfect amount of snow to set the atmosphere for a Carnival which celebrates all things frosty. 

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