December 16 2015 Edition

Drawn to Quebec: Cranberries take the cake

cranberry cake.jpg
Photo: Drawing © Bethann G. Merkle, 2015

Before moving to Quebec, my frames of reference for cranberries were a music group and cranberry juice. While living in Quebec, though, I discovered that cranberry products have become second only to maple syrup products in diversity and ubiquity. Over the course of several harvest seasons, I picked up some interesting tidbits about cranberries, including: 

And the Q Factor trophy goes to . . .

Q Factor.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

On December 11, Quebec High School held the last round of the second annual Q Factor, a competitive talent show. Students and teachers gathered in the school gym to watch the finals. The contest’s earlier rounds were reported in the November 25, 2015, issue of the QCT. The most talented groups were now ready to perform their best pieces. 

Prime Minister Trudeau meets with Premier Couillard

prime minister.jpg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

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