August 24 2011 Edition

Memorials and Things of Fame for August 24, 2011

1861The Morning Chronicle

Historic return to tradition and original Canadian Forces designations

Photo: Marie White

In 1968, Pierre Trudeau’s government decided to change the official names of Canada’s air, land and naval forces and united them under one command, the Canadian Armed Forces. This August 16, Stephen Harper’s government restored the traditional names, “the Canadian Army,” “the Royal Canadian Air Force” and “the Royal Canadian Navy,” but maintained the central command.

Arts and Entertainment - August 24, 2011

August 17 to 28 - Expo Quebec at Expo City. Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the biggest agricultural fair in Eastern Canada. Fun and games for kids and adults, concerts, sand sculptures, plus all the agricultural exhibits – beef and dairy cattle, horses, sheep, goats and smaller animals.

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