August 18 2010 Edition

Military giants on parade next Saturday

Gilles Lamontagne doesn't believe his exploits loom any larger than those of other Canadians who fought for Canada during World War II.

"I don't want to be the hero," Lamontagne said. "I've done my share and many other Canadians have done their share."

Memorials and Things of Fame for August 18, 2010

August 1910

CQSB considers 2010-11 budget Friday

The Central Quebec School Board will take up its 2010-11 budget Friday night during its regular monthly meeting at its offices on Chemin Saint Louis.

QCGN Action Plan promotes healthy aging for our English-speaking seniors

The Quebec Community Groups Network today launched an Action Plan for English-speaking seniors which sets a path for building healthier communities and a brighter future for our seniors.

Plaines Lunes rising on the Plaines of Abraham [Photo]


Working amimals for profit

Horses, whether pulling caleches, performing in rodeos, Cavalia, etc., are the one of the most abused animals when in contact with men. Disgusting!
Dave Lucas

Horses should be treated humanely

Horses, like any domestic animals, be they working animals or household pets, are for the most part treated humanely or like members of the family.

It does not make sense for anyone to mistreat an animal which is working for them, whether it be a caleche horse or the cows, sheep and pigs on a farm. Not all horses are mistreated.

Horse drawn carriages a heartbreaker

Since becoming a resident of Quebec City in 1982, each and every time I witness these horse-drawn carriages, my heart breaks; I could just weep. The public is informed that these animals are well-treated and well cared for.

Calèche horse dies the day before the QCT sounded concerns of abuse with Qubébec City’s horses

Coinciding almost to the day of a Chronicle-Telegraph report detailing possible heat-related problems suffered bycalèche horses in Old Quebec, a horse pulling a calèche had to be destroyed the evening of July 27 in the street.

Summer Notes activities and events August 18, 2010

August 17 to 21: Les Plaines Lunes on the Plains of Abraham after sunset. With over 2000 costumed characters and 500 volunteer walk-ons - a grandiose historical epic. This second French edition of the mega-production will be held on the Plains of Abraham's major events site for five memorable evenings.

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