What if we travelled together?

DSCF0003.jpgAs the first winter storms hit, we have to get in the rhythm of things, finding boots, shoes, mittens and shovels. There’s also the rhythm of winter commutes.

It can take longer to get places; we get a workout climbing over snow banks or shovelling out the vehicle first thing in the morning. Then we have to make our way into the city along with everyone else.

That’s when the fun begins — the traffic jams on the way to work or school that leave many people behind schedule and grumpy.

Is that the only solution to the snowstorm blues? Heck no!
How about finding a carpooling buddy or an alternate form of transportation for those snowy days when the road conditions leave commuters slogging their way, one by one, into the city.

There are buses, taxis, a combination, or even walking part of the way to a destination.

It would not only alleviate traffic and pollution, but it would invite us to take a look at the city from a different angle.
Besides, we all help pay to put public transit on the road, so why don’t we take advantage of the service? It might even be faster than shovelling out first thing in the morning.

If we are working toward a better world, a cleaner environment, we won’t find it sitting in traffic along Chemin Ste-Foy amid half-empty buses, surrounded by cars carrying single occupants.

Let’s fill up those buses more often this winter, and leave some of those “shiny metal boxes” at home.