Volunteers are much appreciated at the Morrin Centre

In fact, they need s’more just like you!!!

morrin volunteers.jpg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Team Caribou – (standing) Guy Roux, Angelica Montgomery, Jennyfer Plourde, (seated) Wallace Robertson, Diane Bird, Joanne Coleman-Robertson, Caroline Joll and Aiden Roberts – the winners of the word game search at the Morrin Centre. They sit around the campfire in College Hall to enjoy their fresh new coffee mugs.

The staff of the Morrin Centre treasure their volunteers. Every year they show their appreciation by treating them to a special evening with dinner, fun and games in College Hall.

This year’s event featured a word-game treasure hunt, with volunteers going from the hall to the library to the gaol cells in search of clues to unscramble jumbled letters and test their knowledge of the Morrin Centre’s history.

First, the 30 volunteers were divided into three teams which then had to create a name for themselves. The Bookies, the Caribous and the Actual Asses (don’t ask…) then set off on their quest to see which team was the best informed and good at solving puzzles.

The Caribous, who were only one or two points ahead of the other teams, were awarded Morrin Centre insulated coffee mugs. There were some great door prizes just for being there, and everyone went home with a delicious treat, a cellophane-wrapped s’more (graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallows) with a tag that read, “We need S’More volunteers like you!”

You too can be a volunteer at the Morrin Centre! Just speak to one of the staff to see where you might fit in, or visit the Centre’s website at morrin.org/en/ under the “Support your Morrin Centre” button, to see a list of areas where you can help. There is also a volunteer application form you can download and fill in.

Then, maybe you can join the party next year!