Turning Me to We

water bottle.jpg
Photo: Marsha Murdock

The proceeds of the sale of these water bottles will go toward providing clean drinking water in the village of Mondaña, in Ecuador. 

Something special has been happening at St. Patrick’s High School this past school year. Staff and students have taken an interest in the small Quechuan community of Mondaña, located along the Napo River in the heart of the Ecuadorian jungle. 

My granddaughter, who is a student at St. Peter's High School in Barrie, ON, was on a school trip to Ecuador a month ago. It was a trip organized and sponsored by Me to We. She greatly enjoyed it as I hope the students of St. Partick's H.S. will enjoy their trip. 

Shirley Nadeau

Thanks for your comment, Elaine. It seems to be a popular spot for the Me to We school trips.