A Dysfunctional financial system has led to a dysfunctional title registry


Canadians avoided the U.S. Banking disaster through prudence and good management. Yet they flock to pick up "bargains" in the states with little or no understanding of the scope of the disaster, nor the risks to new buyers of foreclosed properties. If the property is or was subject to a claim of "securitization" it is very likely based upon faulty or false paperwork.

CEDEC SBSN launch in QCA a true provincial collaboration

Photo: Lucie-Ann Laberge; photomontage CEDEC

CEDEC Small Business Support Network has launched into action in the Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches regions!

On December 8, CEDEC's 5 à 7 event provided a space for small business owners and self-employed workers to meet, network and share with resource organizations that can help them succeed.

Six community projects nominated for 2011 CEDEC Award

Community Economic Development and Employability Committees (CEDEC) recently nominated six community projects for the 2011 CEDEC Award. CEDEC is a volunteer-driven organization, started in 1998 that strives to connect the Federal Government with community constructed initiatives focused on strengthening English-speaking economies.

Promoting the PW Sims program


During their communication class, five students from the College Champlain-St.Lawrence decided to promote their program to local companies. They are parts of the PW Sims program, the business program the college offers.

Promotion of the P.W. Sims Program at Champlain St.Lawrence


Every year, students from St. Lawrence College must form groups to organize an event. This has been the case lately with students from the P.W. Sims Program, a 3-year DEC-BAC business program that is offered by the Champlain Saint-Lawrence College.

Good Manners for Dummies

Good manners event.jpg

Last Thursday, on the 14th of April, a table manners event took place at the Tatum Café on St-Jean Street in Quebec City under the supervision of Andrée Dargis, who was our table manners expert. The participants were welcomed by one of the team members while afterwards Andree Dargis explained them how they should behave during a cocktail.

The Field Trip to Montreal


Fivestudents of the Champlain St-Lawrence College organized a field trip toMontreal for the business students. During this event, they visited an amazing and unique company, which was the Sun Life Financial. The firm welcomed thegroup in a really nice way.

Entrepreneurship in Québec City

Raising awareness


Did you know that entrepreneurship plays a major role in the economic development of society? Whether locally or internationally, entrepreneurship drives innovation, creates jobs, and spurs economics growth. This being said, what’s up with entrepreneurship in Québec?

Great Collaboration leads to a 1st in Québec for the Waste & Recycling vehicle using Natural Gas

Labrie Environmental Group held a Press Conference on February 9, 2010. During this conference Labrie, EBI & Gaz Métro Transportation Solutions discussed the collaborative efforts of the three companies, which lead to the 1st CNG waste & recycling vehicle in the province of Quebec.

boardroom photo.jpg
On December 10, 2010, EBI awarded Labrie Environmental Group the contract to manufacturer EBI’s first automated compressed natural gas (CNG) Waste & Recycling Vehicle, the Labrie CNG Automizer.

Port of Quebec passes the 100,000 passenger mark in 2010

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