Merry Christmas from old Québec


Built in 1752, the Maison Chevalier is notable for its exposed wooden beams, stone fireplaces and all round 18th century charm. The structure, located in Place Royale, now serves as an ethnographic museum, and is here pictured under a fresh coat of snow, on the verge of a fresh new year.

Memorials and Things of Fame



Avante garde pageant at St. Michael’s

We reestablished chaos for God the other day, so that God’s Son might come and be born anew. We decreated, so God could recreate. That was our Pageant.

A 400th gift for pedestrians!

I’ve just returned from Christmas shopping. And I feel about as Christmassy as an ante-conversion Scrooge.

School’s out at 1 p.m.?


There is something I don’t understand. The school board has trouble closing schools in case of a snowstorm, allegedly because of the missed schooling time. But you have just decided that school will end at 1 p.m. on December 21, stating no reason for this in the notice we received this week.

My guess is that you have voted yourselves an early holiday.

A Christmas Story

I am reminded of my childhood in Quebec City, way back when eight-year-old boys like me believed in Santa Claus. We were able to convince ourselves that, somehow, Santa did exist in some way or form. We felt we could affirm such a belief without being looked upon as silly.

VEQ close to 500 signatures on petition to CanWest Global

Voice of English-speaking Québec hopes to have 500 signatures on its petition to CanWest Global asking it to make good on its promises of broadcasting locally-produced content from the Quebec City region.

So far, the effort has been “going OK,” said spokesperson John Klassen.

Global Television Quebec’s Montreal cuts to hit home in February

Television news will never be the same, according to Anne Leclair, Global Television Quebec employees’ union president.

Global Television Quebec served notice to employees in Montreal on November 29. “There were a few more layoffs than we had expected. There are at least 60 people being laid off. There will be 15 or 20 people left at the station,” she said.

Gagné to leave Ste-Foy Elementary, and head to Everest Elementary

Micheline Gagné has taken on the job of principal at Everest Elementary School from outgoing administrator Lyse Grégoire. Gagné will leave Ste-Foy Elementary for the school in Duberger.

She has been principal at Ste-Foy Elementary for over five years. Before that Gagné helped to implement curriculum reform.

Chaudière Community Economic Development and Employability Committee


The Quebec-Chaudière Community Economic Development and Employability Committee (CeDeC) opened its doors to the community last Friday to show off its expanded offices and consult with people before finalizing its priorities for 2008-2009.

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