The story behind Rue de l’Apiculteur-Verret

71118_street house.jpg
Photo: Bill Cox

The Verret family store was located in this building, at 7845 1ère Avenue in Charlesbourg. Translation of the text of the historical plaque near the door reads, “Here lived Jacques-Ferdinand Verret (1860-1946). Renowned beekeeper and seedsman, author of an intimate journal entitled Mes souvenirs that recalls the daily life in Charlesbourg, Québec, at the end of the 19th century.”

Rue de l’Apiculteur-Verret is named in honour of Jacques-Ferdinand Verret (1860-1946) who was a renowned beekeeper. Born in Charlesbourg (now part of Quebec City), he was the oldest of a family of 10 children. From a young age, he worked with his father, who owned a general store and bakery. He married Lucie Bédard in 1897 but the couple had no children.