The story behind Rue Blanchette

Photo: Google maps

One of the oldest houses in Cap-Rouge, Maison Blanchette was destroyed by fire in 1988 and was later restored. Originally the home of Onésime Blanchette, the house on Côte de Cap-Rouge served as a hotel and a grocery store in the 19th century, then became a post office before its current incarnation as an arts centre on the upper level and pet grooming salon on the lower level.

Rue Blanchette in Cap-Rouge is named in honour of Onésime Blanchette (1856-1951),who was born in Sillery. From 1882 to 1904, he was the business manager for Cooke Brothers, a large Ontario company specializing in the cutting and rafting of timber, a transportation method in which logs are tied together into rafts and then floated down a river or pulled across a body of water.