St-Pat’s Science Fair

Robotics Picturecolor.jpg

Robotic Picture: Thomas Gordon, Alex Gordon, CHarles Catta and Raphael Beaulieu

St. Patrick's High School has been particularly busy in the science department as students participated in the robotics competition held at the Musee de la Civilization on April 29. Raphael Beaulieu, Charles Catta, Alex Gordon, and Thomas Gordon represented St. Pat's at the third edition of the RECIT Robotics Competition.

"The kids had an amazing time developing their skills and it was quite the learning experience for them," stated St. Pat's science teacher, Marc Andre Daigle. "Although they did not qualify in the finals, the boys have learned quite a lot in the engineering domain. They are extremely satisfied with the work they have been doing throughout the past months."

Secondary four science students, meanwhile, displayed their knowledge at the St. Pat's 2010 Science Fair.

Drug use, effects of smoking cigarettes, sleep issues and even the effects of tattoos are just a few projects presented in original ways by St. Patrick's High School students on April 26 and 27 in the Kilganon Gymnasium.

Secondary four Science students had to present to fellow classmates and judges health concerns preoccupying the contemporary world. Classmates and teachers evaluated the presentations, along with judges who came from the Central Quebec School Board and other institutions.

Students from different levels got the opportunity to discover and learn about the many different health concerns that are affecting people on a daily basis.