St. Lawrence College at the St. Patrick's Parade

Six students including their school in the parade.

Photo: Photo Courtesy of CEGEP St.Lawrence

On March 22nd,
2014, St. Lawrence College was proud to participate in the fifth edition of the
Defile de la Saint-Patrick. Six students in the Business Program had the
responsibility to make this event a success for their school. The Quebec
temperature didn’t keep the participants away from spreading their Irish
spirit. Despite the variable temperatures, these students were able to bring 45
participants dancing and cheering around Quebec City roads to promote the
English Community in Quebec.

The St. Lawrence
students worked hard and put a lot of effort on making this event an
accomplishment. They had to use their business knowledge to promote this event
to be able to bring enough members to include their school in the parade. As
for attracting participants for walking on a Saturday morning, three of the six
students organized an Irish breakfast before the parade.

Beforehand they
offered a breakfast to all the volunteers who came to walk no matter the
snowing temperature. The students gave out a breakfast consisting of eggs,
bacon, hash browns and a delicious fruit salad! They met at St. Lawrence
College in preparation for the event, to discuss and to drink a good hot cup of
coffee before this long and amazing day. People were given muffins and juices
to make sure everybody would have a great day full of energy.

The breakfast
was on point, but all of this would not have been possible without the help of
our two wonderful cooks! As they cooked up to 90 eggs and lots of bacon, we
could say they gave a very good helping hand.

Including St. Lawrence
College in the parade was a great opportunity for all volunteers to live the
Irish spirit. It brought people to dance, cheer, wave at the crowd, and simply
pass time with their friends. This activity for the college was a success and wouldn’t
have been without the help of these six students.