Six point un

Two young Quebec designers get nationwide recognition

Photo: SIx poin tun

Quebec designers Jeremy Couture and Claudia Despres

During the 1990’s design was specifically introduced as an art form in Canadian museum collections. We consider design as an activity involving various professions aiming at enhancing the value of life. Furniture design, just one aspect of this activity involves the planning of graphic forms while considering the aesthetic, functional, economic and sociopolitical dimensions of both the conception of the object and the process of its creation.

It is with that in mind that two young Quebec designers, Claudia Despres and Jeremy Couture, have joined forces to design and market furniture and home accessories under le label Six point un (they both are six point one feet tall). Although fully appreciative of the contribution of the Italians, the Japanese and the Scandinavians to the development of modern design, they are determined to abide by cultural ethics by digging into Canadian and Quebec roots. Their first collection “Our Winter Classics” is along that line.  Because of its innovation, its creativity, its commercial potentiality, Jeremy and Claudia were selected among sixty Canadian designers to receive the Studio North Best award during Toronto’s recent International Design Show (IDS).

Their idea of a collection comes from the need they feel to create objects that “speak” to each other, that complement each other.  As an example, they mention the bookends that they designed specifically to go with their bookshelf. The scope of their creations in the field of accessories is limited for now but in time will widen.

Faced with the simplicity of their pieces, one cannot help asking if they value function over form, over ornamentation.  With great confidence, Jeremy replies that if indeed their formation tends to push them more toward function, they are fully aware of the fact that, while fulfilling the need of people, objects must have an aesthetic appeal in order to touch their sensibility.  “This is why, he adds, design must apply to everything that touches life.   With more and more people downsizing and moving into condos, designers are faced with new challenges that the couple welcomes. “Architects create the structures our job it’s to give the interiors some character” Jeremy says. 

Their creations can be seen on their website