Shannon committee stresses family needs

The municipality of Shannon wants to play a greater part in the evolution of families' needs. This desire was manifested by the nomination of a councillor in 2009 to look into the questions and needs of families and senior citizens.

"It's a program from the government of Quebec that is encouraging the community to create a document to be used in every aspect of life in Shannon," said Shannon Councilwoman Lucie Laperle.

"I have done most of the research already," she said. "We'll meet in October to identify the needs of the families and the senior citizens. I've already got three names that are willing to discuss these issues. I am looking for a fourth member."

Laperle was referring to the advisory committee that will cover every aspect of family life in Shannon, from safety to the location of benches for senior citizens in the municipality's parks.

This committee will serve as a forum for exchange of views and solutions to the needs and problems of families and senior citizens in Shannon.

"This one is related to the family," Laperle said, explaining that the committee will meet "maybe once a week."

The end result, Laperle said, will be a report that will be submitted to the Quebec government, probably sometime in the spring. Based on reports completed by other municipalities the size of Shannon, Laperle said she expects the document to total about 25 pages, including photos.

Those interested in being part of the new committee may call 418-844-3778 or leave us your coordinates on our web site at