Royal Rifles of Canada heritage lost in Armoury fire

Disbanded but not forgotten, The Royal Rifles of Canada are part of Quebec City's military history - and that of the armoury. This city-based infantry regiment was composed of soldiers from Quebec City, Richmond, Sherbrooke, Gaspé and parts of New Brunswick.

The Royal Rifles of Canada were founded in 1862 under the name of 8th Battalion at the same time as Les Voltigeurs de Québec or the 9th Battaillon. In 1900 the two battalions were renamed: the 8th Regiment and the 9th Régiment were born. They were redesignated as The Royal Rifles of Canada and Les Voltigeurs de Québec in 1920.

Called to serve, along with the Winnipeg Grenadiers, in Hong Kong in 1941, those who survived the battle were captured and spent the next 44 months as Japanese Prisoners of War.

For more on the story of their courageous battle, visit, where former Quebec City resident Ron Parker has written about his father's life in the Royal Rifles of Canada.

The Voltigeurs museum was housed in the former Officers' Mess of the Royal Rifles at the armoury.

An added historical note: a contingent of Scots allied itself with Les Voltigeurs; the 5th Company Highlanders were under the command of Captain J. Cook Thompson and Lieutenant James Gibb.