A Response to the “Trashing” of the new recycling bins.

Firstly, I’d like to thank the Quebec City Municipality for issuing these new larger bins.

In my world of pro-recycling and anti-littering, these bins are a vast improvement over the small blue boxes of before.

Let me paint a picture of the previous situation. I would firstly fill the box within a few days and be wondering the rest of the week, whether I should store the recyclables for the next week’s pickups or simply toss them in the garbage. It would soon become a vicious cycle of recyclable matter buildup. So, inevitably the excess recyclables would make their way to the garbage bin (I already owned a large version) and thus out to the garbage dumps, where I needlessly contributed to the pollution of our city.

My next problem was litter, how many times had we driven down the street on a windy garbage collection day, to find our old cereal boxes and letters a few blocks away. I also found that on snowy or rainy days, the recycling was not collected and remained outside to soak for a good 8 hours.

Fast forward to present day. I still have my small blue box indoors, but am able to transfer the contents outside about 2-3 times a week at my leisure. I no longer have the need to throw recyclables in the garbage and as a result my weekly garbage pickup usually consists of only one bag, thus reducing the quantity going to the dumps. Also I no longer see litter all over the neighborhoods on collection day.

So for the effort of moving a bin, on wheels, a few metres to the curb, I find that the advantages far outweigh the inconvenience.