Reflections on The Hansard

With all the suits, real and threatened, in and out of the House of Commons, and conflicting records of who promised what life insurance policies (vide bribes) to whom, thank God there is always one resource those in search of enlightenment can consult. May I share my reflections on the subject with you?
Reflections on The Hansard

To find out the political position
Of Government and Loyal Opposition;
Discover if the honourable Minister
Is up to something underhand and sinister;
Whether he’s got his finger in the pie,
And if so, just how deep, or if not, why?
To learn if he will obfuscate the issue
By wrapping it about with silken tissue

The Opposition calls a pack of lies
So tight it all unravelling defies;
To understand why MPs still lament
The manifest misuse of Parliament,
Blaming the fact on improper procedures
Espoused of late by certain party leaders;
To tell if in his address to the Senate
A member had misspoken or else meant it
When he put forth an absolute denial
Of allegations most unjust and vile,
And how in turn his adversary answered -
You’ll find it all recorded in the Hansard.

Thomas Reisner

On the Democratic presidential candidates' threat to renege on NAFTA (anno 2008):

Let the rafters ring with laughter:

Surely, nothing can be dafter

Than to think that after NAFTA's

Scuttled, Canada might have to

Trust the Yanks that did so shaft her?