Reflection on The Strangest Secret

As I have said before, I will post something on how I react to Earl Nightingale’s speech about the secret to success.

To be the most honest, I must say that upon the first, second, third,
and maybe forth listening, I didn’t know what the heck this guy was
talking about. It sounded really nice to “become what you think”, but
lets face it, I’m 18, still in college, and I have my whole life ahead
of me. It isn’t some old man who is going to convince me about how
“fate” and the brain work!

Ok well, I let a week and a half go by; I let the message sink in. I
decided to try the 30-day challenge that he proposed. After a week, I

started to believe what he had to say. Not by proof of things
happening, but my brain took a turn for the better. I feel happier; I
have more confidence; I am more convincing in negotiating things. I
took that one ultimate, precise, and lifelong goal, and wrote in on a
piece of paper. I look at it every time somebody tells me I’m crazy; I
look at it anytime somebody tells me that I can’t possibly make a
living with my dream.

In the back of the card I wrote the words “Look and ye shall see, Seek
and ye shall find, Believe and ye shall see and find reality”. This is
my personal version of Earl’s quote in his speech. I figured that if I
came up with my own way to see his idea, it would be more personal,
thus better for the fulfillment of my goal.

How did I realize that I understood what was said on the recording, you
ask? Let me tell you. I was speaking to my girlfriend on ambition and
goal setting. I was telling her if she wanted something bad enough, she
would be able to get it if she put her heart and soul in to getting it.
“Si tu veux, tu peux” is the way they say it in French. I explained
that she should open her thoughts to the metaphors and images that life
cleverly presents to us; to look past what is given us, into the
reasons and intentions behind what if seen. I called this
“freethinking”, which I found out recently was a real term...
It is my way to lay off day-to-day superficiality and realism. Not
everything is at it seems, but you must be careful not to lose yourself
in illusion! This is important in relation to Nightingale’s speech
because the mind is powerful. Freethinking is comparable to
weightlifting for the brain. You train your mind to openness, and more
specifically towards the goal that was first implanted in your thoughts.

It was quite an interesting conversation… I began to think to myself
about what brought me to speak to her about the particular subject of
goal setting. It was quite obvious to me that Earl Nightingale’s The
Strangest Secret was the cause of it.

Without seeing the results, I have already seen the power a mind can
have on itself. I am even more convinced on my goal than I ever was,
and I am a much more pleasant to be with due to a much more positive
attitude on everything! To anyone I speak of this recording, I have
made them listen to it. Just like me, they catch on real slow, then it
blows up in their face!

Happy reading,
Andrew MacLean, Intern – Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

Oh, for those who were wondering about my goal:
I want to be recognized as an influential recording artist or producer.


I got the same assignment by Pierre and I was happy to see that these are already principles I apply to my life.  While there are variations and what Earl preaches cannot work all the time (bad luck), this is very true that positive thinking (and actions toward our goals) will always work.

Dorothea Brande, mentioned in the recording for her book "Wake Up and Live", has one of the best line:

"Act as though it is impossible to fail"


More on the subject when I submit my report.

Good job on the post, Andrew.