Quebec High School Class of 2017

(Photo by Maarten Buyck)
Quebec High School’s Class of 2017 were presented with their graduation certificates at an award ceremony held in Webster Auditorium on June 2. This class will be remembered as a very engaged group of students. Academics, Arts, Athletics and Active Citizenship are the four pillars that QHS stands on. These 83 students have truly embraced these foundational principles. 

 The evening gala saw several awards given out to deserving graduates. In all, nearly $24,000 in prizes and bursaries were awarded to students. This is made possible by the generous donations from QHS alumni, staff, and QHS community members.
The following students were presented with awards and prizes:  
Charles Bouchard, Salutatorian of the Graduating Class of 2017: the Janice and Steve Pound Award, Secondary 5 awards for Proficiency in Science, Mathematics and Chemistry, and the Jerry Trzeciak Award for Proficiency in Physics
Benjamin Corbett, Valedictorian of the Class of 2017, received the Matheson Cup, the CEGEP St. Lawrence Scholarship for English, the McGill Social Science Award, and the QHS Montminy-Wolff Math Bursary
Alexandra Laperle: Proficiency in French Mother Tongue and the QHS Montminy-Wolff Social Science Bursary, and the Stanislav Petrov Award
Elsa Huynh: Most Improved in Science Mathematics, Most Improved in French Second Language Enriched  
Amy Richard Giacomello: The Dean Norman Memorial Prize for Proficiency in Cultural, Social and Technical Mathematics 
Marguerite Dawson-Gariépy: Mrs. Pearl Treggett - Weller Memorial Prize for Art, and the ABCD Award to a student who went Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
Derek Lee Dagenais: Mrs. Pearl Treggett - Weller Memorial Prize for Proficiency in Contemporary World 
Derek Lee Dagenais and Savannah Blouin: The Nelson Shield to QHS graduating students for helpful example in commemoration of Admiral Horatio Nelson
Shawn Irving: Prize for Improvement in the Senior Basketball Concentration, and the David E. Blinco Bursary 
Kieran Thomson: Artistic ability in Music Theatre Option, and the The Phil Almaguer Youth Volunteer Award
Naomi Wiesner: The Sanheim Award in Music Option, and the Father Alexis D.R. Arul Memorial prize for exemplary character 
 William Morin: The Triple Credit Stuart Dunn Memorial Prize Awarded to the boy who best exemplifies the qualities of an athlete, a scholar and a gentleman; and the Donald Simons Award for meritorious and devoted service to the student body 
Sara Comadina: The Fry Shield for participation in extracurricular activities, fostering school spirit, and maintaining a good academic record, and the Reunion '88 award
Shawn Irving, Victoria Pellizzari, William Morin and Sara Comadina: Student Council Executive of Quebec High School
Joshua Moreno: Rhythms International prize in Music Concentration
Mage St-Onge: Artistic Ability in Drama 
Angela Albert: Proficiency in English 
Kelly-Ann Daigle: Most improved in English
Elodie Perron: Creative Writing
Benjamin Kumar Poirier: Advanced Work in Woodworking 
Cheryl-Anne Mameamskum: The RCCA Award for technical support
Raphael Roberge and Stephanie Plourde: Q.H.S. Awards for Physical Education
Amy Richard Giacomello, Jordan Brashear and Tim Smith-Vallée: Eastern Quebec Learning Centre Vocational Training Bursary 
Katherine Leclerc: The Kennedy Award for maintaining a good academic average
Cassadrine Gordon: The Entrepreneurship Award and The Brock Award in recognition of bravery in the face of a serious illness or accident over a prolonged period of time 
Victoria Pellizzari: The Humanitarian Award 
Gabriel Nadeau: The Moe and Regina Rosenhek Award 
Yazan Al-Rababa’a: The Virginie Racine Memorial Award for demonstrating perseverance through adversity
Marika Simard: volunteering for many school events
Dylan Brown: The Clibbon-Côté Award for participating in the Challenge Program
Hayden Kuznak, Marika Simard and Stéfanie Simard: St. John's Lodge No. 3 Ancient, Free & Accepted Masons Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award
Sabrina Juhasz: Governor General Award
Space does not permit us to list the names of all the graduates in the print edition. The complete list can be seen here online: Quebec High School Graduating Class of 2017: Angéla Albert, Yazan Al-Rababa'a, Lukas Alutalu, Annabelle Aupin, Madison Blackned, Louis Bleau, Savannah Blouin, Charles Bouchard, Tommy Boutin, Jordan Brashear, Dylan Brown, Beatrice Celestino, Sara Comadina, Benjamin Corbett, Amy Lee Cormier, Julianna Crawford, Florence Curadeau, Derek Lee Dagenais, Kelly-Ann Daigle, Marguerite Dawson-Gariépy, Alycia Delisle, Ray Drolet, Méganne Dubé, Aly El Refai, Maria Enarson, Zachary Fouquet, Alexis Francoeur, Louis Gilbert, Cassandrine Gordon, Ishmaël Grégoire, Charles Hall, Serenna Huang-Kelly, Elsa Huynh, Shawn Irving, Fabrice Jacob-Fortier, Brendan Kane, Hayden Kuznak, Catherine Lachance-Méthot, Amy Lafontaine, Alexandra Laperle, Maude Lapointe-Lussier, Gabriel Larose, William Latulippe, Edward Le, Katherine Leclerc, Anni Leikola, Salla Levoranta, Cheryl-Anne Mameamskum, Justin Martineau-Deschênes, Zachary McCarvill, Shannon Meehan, Alisya Moreau, Joshua Moreno, William Morin, Charlie Morissette, Gabriel Nadeau, Logan Naraine, Molly Patry, Maxime Payeur, Victoria Pellizzari, Elodie Perron, Nicolas Perron, Stéphanie Plourde, Benjamin Kumar Poirier, Jacob Poirier, Amy Richard Giacomello, Raphaël Roberge, Mélissa Salgado, James Savard, Mariana Serrano Perez, Marika Simard, Stéfanie Simard, Tim Smith-Vallée, Mage St-Onge, Maxime Tanguay, Derek Thibeault, Kieran Thomson, Jade Trépanier, Christopher Turcotte, Gemima Uwimana, Alaïka Vasilakos, Mathew Wark, Naomi Wiesner.