Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces construction of natural gas pipeline in Thetford Mines

Thetford Mines, Quebec - Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced on Monday, December 13,  that the federal Government will support economic diversification in the Thetford region by helping finance the construction of a natural gas pipeline between Vallée-Jonction and Thetford Mines.  By providing a source of safe, inexpensive energy, the project will spur economic development in Thetford Mines and surrounding communities.

"Our Government cares about the interests of Quebec's regional communities, and this announcement will help stimulate economic growth in the Thetford Mines region for generations to come," said the Prime Minister.  "This pipeline will create jobs and economic opportunities in the region, while providing local businesses and institutions with an affordable source of energy."  

To that end, the Harper Government will invest up to $18.1 million over two years toward the construction of the pipeline. The project will be carried out by the Gaz Métro company, which will finance part of the venture itself. The leading natural gas distributor in Quebec, Gaz Métro could spend $6.6 million on this project. The total cost is expected to be $24.7 million.

This new infrastructure in the Thetford Mines region will represent an added incentive in attracting investment to the region and convincing new businesses to set up shop there.

"Our Government has already been very successful in its economic initiatives, and it will continue to generate good results for hard-working Canadians," added Prime Minister Harper.