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Memorials and Things of Fame


The Morning Chronicle (NO. 177)
Wednesday, 5th January

Canadian Red Cross worker Nathalia Guerrero documents the fight against malaria

Photo: Canadian Red Cross

Getting back in the swing of things after Christmas vacation for Canadian Red Cross worker Nathalia Guerrero must have been a bit of a shock.

She arrived home to Ste-Marie-de-Beauce from Mali at the end of December in time to welcome home her partner, Jean-Pierre Taschereau, back from helping earthquake victims in Peru.

Children helping children


House System builds community bonds at DDO School


This year at Dollard des Ormeaux School on the Valcartier Military Base, Mary-Anne Fairbairn, the Secondary V leadership teacher, devised a system to help bring our school community together.

A good reason to check out CBC Radio Two’s

CBC Radio Two’s Sunday Afternoon in Concert has a bit of a French connection – or at least one familiar to the English-speaking community. A recent post from former CBC Radio Quebec City reporter Madonna Hamel revealed what she’s been up to behind the scenes in Toronto.

Global Television Quebec’s Montreal cuts to hit home in February

Television news will never be the same, according to Anne Leclair, Global Television Quebec employees’ union president.  

Global Television Quebec served notice to employees in Montreal on November 29. “There were a few more layoffs than we had expected. There are at least 60 people being laid off. There will be 15 or 20 people left at the station,” she said.   

Memorials and Things of Fame



Avante garde pageant at St. Michael’s

We reestablished chaos for God the other day, so that God’s Son might come and be born anew. We decreated, so God could recreate. That was our Pageant.

A 400th gift for pedestrians!

I’ve just returned from Christmas shopping. And I feel about as Christmassy as an ante-conversion Scrooge.

School’s out at 1 p.m.?


There is something I don’t understand. The school board has trouble closing schools in case of a snowstorm, allegedly because of the missed schooling time. But you have just decided that school will end at 1 p.m. on December 21, stating no reason for this in the notice we received this week.

My guess is that you have voted yourselves an early holiday.