Petition calls for bilingual traffic safety signage

traffic sign.jpg
Photo: Photo credit: Wikipedia

This French-only traffic sign in Quebec could be quite confusing for someone who does not understand the text!! “Watch out for our children. This could be ... yours.”

As we all know, all traffic signs on Quebec highways are solely in French. When driving, do you know what Respectez les feux de voies, Risque d’aquaplanage, Dégel, Ralentir, Allumez vos phares, Voie cahoteuse and Incident voie droite bloquée mean?

Are you aware that according to the Charter of the French Language, the French inscription on traffic signs may be complemented or replaced by symbols or pictographs, and another language may be used where no symbol or pictograph exists?

Seeing that the aforementioned phrases have to deal with one’s safety, why are they not in English as well, as the Charter clearly provides? It absolutely makes no sense whatsoever that the protection of the French Language is more important than one’s safety. Shouldn’t the safety of everyone, whether French speaking or English speaking, be of prime importance?

That is precisely why Ruth Kovac and Harold Staviss have presented a petition to the National Assembly through their MNA David Birnbaum. The signing period for the petition ends on March 2, 2017, after which the petition will be presented to the National Assembly by Birnbaum. Once tabled, the petition may be examined in parliamentary committee. The Québec government must answer all petitions presented to the National Assembly.

You can view the petition at: