Make peace on the ice

It is unfortunate that penalties must be handed out to ensure that people do not beat each other senseless while playing a sport.

Quebec Remparts coach Patrick Roy and his son, goalie Jonathan Roy, were among those whose actions were penalized by the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League on Tuesday.

The league has said that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated. They meant that it will not be tolerated anymore.
Even Quebec’s Minister of Education, Recreation and Sport weighed in on the debate on Monday with firm remarks about putting an end to such fighting at that level of the sport.

The fact remains that younger hockey players look to professional players, their mentors, for guidance. As we all know, children do as role models do, not as they say.

We have a great example of another philosophy in the name of former NHL player-turned-coach Joé Juneau. He’s teaching his hockey players that it’s about having fun, not winning at any price.  

When we succeed in eliminating violence from the good old-fashioned sport of hockey, we might be able to see the true beauty and athletics of the game.

In fact, the violence in the sport is more present. The hockey players are models for young people and for the moment, with this fight that arrive between this two team, is a very bad models for the people he watch hockey game. If you admire a people who fight during he practices a sport you have a chance to do the same thing. The violence in the sport take more place and the rules about this is okay but the players dont respect this. The hockey game is very exposed by media and have many consequence on the society. There are many opinions about the violence in the sport and it's difficult to decide what is the best way.

marie-claude morneau

ariane matton