St. Lawrence students roam free in montreal on a field trip


of course we all enjoyed the weather

Field Trip is a Success

The business program from St. Lawrence recently returned from a successful business trip in Montreal where students had the opportunity to visit a well known company with a lot of experience in its field. The whole group visited Cossette advertising, which is a very interesting company to visit. They showed us their different departments in the company and what it is like working for a company like Cossette all while explaining the evolution of advertisements and the current challenges faced by the advertising industry. We all had the experience to learn a lot while asking a lot of questions for which they were more than willing to provide an answer. Of course the students not only worked on this field trip we had to save some time for fun.The students ended their visit of Montreal with some free time after a dinner at La Cage aux Sports where I am sure everybody enjoyed their food.After this the students roamed the streets of Montreal until 5pm then we all left and returned to Quebec. All in all this was a successful field trip and I hope next year's is just as good.