Mahler Concert of a Thousand Wows Thousands

I know the daily papers have covered this major event but I thought it would be nice for everyone to know there were many members of the English-speaking community participating in the Mahler Symphony #8, "Concert of a Thousand" at the Pepsi Colisée last Saturday night.

Among those in the choir were Geoffrey Hilton, Shirley Nadeau, Miriam Blair, Gabrielle Jacobs, Ray Medland, Alan Petryk, Susan Campbell. Geoff wrote, "It really was a religious experience - Wow (a true understatement if ever there was one)! I loved the practices enormously, but they paled in comparison with the actual event. Truly awe inspiring.

The place was packed up to the rafters (12,000 people, excluding the 800 choristers and 200-piece orchestra). I was so sad when it was over, but at the same time I was on an emotional high such as I've never experienced before, I just wanted to keep singing! Actually, I'm tearing up a little as I write this, realizing that an event of that grandeur will never happen again.

I hope everyone who couldn't make the concert was able listen over the Internet." Truly a once- in-a-lifetime experience for those of us who were in the choir, one that will live in our memories forever. Happy 400th Anniversary Québec City!