Ste-Foy Resident and important member of St. Lawrence hockey program passed away suddenly

Photo: SLC

Hervey Beaubie, longtime member of the St. Lawrence Hockey program passed away this past December.  He will be sincerely missed.

Hervey Beaubien, a popular and energetic part of the St. Lawrence College hockey program and among those who carried the Olympic as it trvelled through Quebec on its way to Vancouver, passed away December 17 of a massive heart attack.

He was listed as Associate Coach at St. Lawrence, but according St. Lawrence Director of Student Activities Chris Brousseau, Beaubien was a ‘'jack of all trades,'' handling responsibilities that included helping players from out of town find housing to tipping off coach Mike Labadie about a player he saw who might help the St. Lawrence team.

He ‘'will be missed by many in the Anglophone community,'' said St. Lawrence hockey coach Mike Labadie, in a statement posted on the college's web site follwing Beaubien's death. Beaubien, a former physical education teacher at St. Vincent's school in Quebec City, was 62.

‘'We are very sad to inform you that a man who was very close to you and our hockey organization suffered a massive heart attack after playing hockey this evening at L'activital,'' Labadie said in the statement. ‘'Our dear friend and our alternate practice goal tender, passionate academic adviser and assistant coach Hervey Beaubien passed away this evening around 6:45 p.m.

‘'Last Saturday we all stood up and cheered when he skated his tour of Olympic glory around our rink before our game (we have it on film). For those of you who were at practice Tuesday, we all were amazed with his heroic saves in our mini-games.

‘'At 62 years of age, he lived his life healthy, practicing the code that we all represent and was an example to all of us. We must all remember a man who lived his life with a strong passion for athletics and sports.

‘'We know he will be watching over us from above and that his example as a man who cared about each player on our team will remain in your hearts. We know he cared very much about his team, and we am sure that we will all honor his memory.''

Brousseau said Beaubien was a consultant with the St. Lawrence hockey program since its inception in 2004. He also served as a physical education teacher at St. Vincent's school in Ste. Foy.
Beaubien carried the Olympic torch last fall as it passed through St. Hyacinthe. He was deeply involved in hockey programs in Quebec City, was a competitor in international sports and was a member of a number of administrative counsels.
Born in Victoriaville, Beaubien spent most of his life in the Quebec City area.

He leaves behind his wife, Yoland Rochette, a son, Ferdinand, and a daughter, Antoinette Auger.

A memorial service was held December 23 at the Complexe Funeraire on Boulevard Charest.

Brousseau said the team will be dedicating the rest of its season to Beaubien's memory.

‘'Hervey was a dear and valued member of our hockey personnel and his commitment to our program will be greatly missed,'' said Brousseau.