Stephen Burke elected Chairman of Central Québec School Board; replaces Michele Morin-Doyle

Photo: Daniel Neville

From left to right – Stephen Burke, newly elected Chair seen here with Marielle Stewart, Director of Educational Services (CQSB) and Clive Kiley, Mayor of Shannon at a “Support our Troops” student event at DDO honoring Valcartier soldiers.

Stephen Burke is the new Chairman of the Central Quebec School Board Council of Commissioners. Burke, who was vice-chairman of the CQSB, replaces Michele Morin-Doyle, who resigned as chairwoman and as a member of the school board following her election earlier this year to City Council on a slate led by Mayor Regis Labeaume.

Burke is in his sixth term as a School Board commissioner. Burke was elected commissioner in November 1987 in a predominantly French-speaking riding of the Commission scolaire des Découvreurs (CSDD), where he served for 11 years, representing the English-speaking minority as well as the French-speaking majority.

In 1998, following the creation of linguistic school boards and after having sat on the Provisional Council, Burke was elected to the Council of Commissioners of the CQSB, where he is now in his 12th year.

At the CSDD, Burke's experience included that of official delegate to the Fédération des commissions scolaires du Québec for 10 years, one year as Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of the CSDD and two years as member of the Committee for the Evaluation of the Director General.

At the CQSB, Burke has served on a number of selection committees for the hiring of Principals as well as for the Director General. For the past two years, Burke has served as the Vice-Chairman of the CQSB as well as the Chairman of the Executive Committee.

Replacing Burke as vice-chair will be Jean Robert, who has been actively involved in English-language education. Robert says he has never lost the passion for helping our youth.

Robert has been an active Commissioner since 1998. In addition, he has served on numerous selection committees for the hiring of principals and other administrative positions.