QHS Students Compete During National Entrepreneurship Day (NED)

Photo: Ed Sweeney

Student from CEGEP St. Lawrence on the top and connected via link with students from St. Patrick’s High School

The Quebec High School video conference room was in full use last Thursday as five teams of four students gathered around laptop computers prepared to do economical battle.

Through video conferencing, they were connected and competing against eight other schools from across the province. The competition was a business simulation game that saw each team develop a company and then administer the company.

Students were then challenged to make decisions and to react to the outcomes of the decisions they made.
Although we were competing against schools throughout the province some friendly competition broke out amongst the QHS teams and a roar of victory cried out in the video conference room when the financial results were announced.

"This is the second time that we have been involved with the National Entrepreneurship Day event," CLC Coordinator Ed Sweeney said. "We were honored to have with us a member from the Quebec Chamber of Commerce, a C.E.D.E.C. member, two students and one staff member from the business program at CEGEP St. Lawrence. Our video conference system allows our school and our school community the chance to get involved in activities that we would not be able to participate in without the system."