St. Patrick’s High School Halloween event

Photo: Alexandra Furlong

The week of October 26 was a busy one for St. Patrick's High School. The students of St Pats know how to mix business and pleasure.

October 27 was not a typical day for our students. Students from secondary one to five were invited to wear any type of hat all day for the price of 50 cents.

Cowboy hats, caps, toques and many silly hats invaded the hallways and the classrooms.

"Hat Day" brought in $140.50 which will be donated to the "Adopt-a-Village" foundation that St Pats has been working with in the past six years.

Halloween came a day earlier at St Patrick's this year. Friday, October 30 was a day to remember, students dressed up to celebrate Halloween in interesting ways.
Scooby Doo and Raggedy Anne made an impressive appearance at St Patrick's along with many princesses, nuns, pencils, hotdogs, auto mechanics, clowns, basketball players and many other costumes.

During lunch hour, students made their way through St Patrick's haunted house. Students were invited to make a donation to enter the house of horrors and a total amount of 68.14$ was raised and donated to UNICEF.

After the haunted house tour, students watched the St. Patrick's dance crew perform Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance. In the performance, dance students showed the audience their Jackson moves and later invited the rest of the school to part take in the event, which was organized by Shirley Picknell.

Laughter vibrated throughout the school as students enjoyed their Halloween activities. Later that evening, St. Pats students danced all night at the school's first masquerade dance of the year organized by Debra Shea and her Student Council team.