A taste of Greece in Quebec at “La Taverna”

Photo: Cristina Artenie

When tourists come to Quebec City, they discover not only its history of the place but also its restaurants. As its residents, we enjoy having so many places to go to.

A few weeks ago, on October 15, a new restaurant opened on Rue Scott, off of St-Jean. It is called "La Taverna" This is a Greek restaurant, with authentic Greek food.

The owner of the place, George Papadeas, is second generation immigrant, born and raised in Quebec City. As many Canadians of Greek descent, Papadeas went back to Greece as an adult. After a three-year stay, he realized that his heart "was really in Quebec City", and he came back. The dream of having a small Greek restaurant, with authentic Greek cuisine, was not new for Papadeas: "I grew up in a family of restaurateurs. My father used to have a place on the corner of Cartier and Chemin Ste-Foy". Now it is his turn.

About forty years ago, first generation Greek immigrants used to be quite numerous in Quebec City. Today, the number of people of Greek descent is shrinking.


George Papadeas, is second generation immigrant, born and raised in Quebec City. 

"Maybe their children missed some of the things the Greek community in Montreal had, like, for example, the Greek school, and they left", explains Papadeas.

And while the restaurant is proud of its Greek specific, the owner hopes that Quebecers will enjoy coming in for an Uzo and some mousaka. With its Greek gods watching over the tables and big posters of Greek islands on the wall, "this place is like a teaser: you come in and then you want to go to Greece", says Papadeas., whose English, like his French, is impeccable.