The Québec City Kebs sign Milton Bell

An experienced player accustomed to competitive leagues

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Jean-Sebatien Roy The Québec City Kebs VP Marketing welcomes Milton Bell to the team

The Québec City Kebs signed American Milton Bell during their first round pick at the 2010 draft session for the Premier Basketball League in Chicago.

The American forward is 6 '7 ", 220 lbs, and was born in 1970 in the Dominican Republic. His extensive experience will add to the Québec City Kebs current roster of power players driving the hoop. "Milton Bell is a born leader, he will bring a heightened spirit to the team helping our young players to advance their professional skills" says Jean-Sebastien Roy, Vice President Marketing for the Kebs, now in Chicago. "We were really attracted to him because of his experience, it’s clear that with his talent and experience he will also play an important role as a mentor to many of our young Québécois players that we are striving to develop. Our goal to help develop professional players in the Quebec province and throughout Canada remains our top priority and we need strong players like Milton to achieve this." When asked to comment, Head Coach Kebs Alejandro Hasbani said "I know Milton from when I worked in Argentina. He works hard and is very effective around the basket."

Milton Bell has played for Georgetown in the NCAA, going on to continue his career playing over 20 years in the South America for the Chilean, Venezuelan, Mexican and Argentinean leagues,"I've heard great things about Québec City and the Québec City Kebs. I am honoured to have been chosen and intend to help the team and guide players with less experience. Alejandro told me about their developmental strategy for players originating from Québec and I think it's wonderful. I look forward to contributing."

The second round selection

In the second round The Québec City Kebs selected Joseph Fledge a point guard of 170 lbs and 5 ft 10 from Savannah State University. The Québec City Kebs are scouting an explosive player with an excellent vision of the game, "Joseph was present at the tryouts of the PBL last month and here we have identified our interest. He has an excellent balance between defence and attack, plus his ability to create games and run with precision really impressed us. It still remains to be seen if he will accept our offer" states Jean-Sebastien Roy.

About the Québec City Kebs

The Québec City Kebs is a professional basketball team that competes in the Premier Basketball League (PBL). Composed of 10 teams from Halifax, Las Vegas, Oklahoma, Maryland, Vermont, New Hampshire, Buffalo, Rochester, Puerto Rico and Quebec, the PBL is based in North America placing only second in popularity to the NBA and its subsidiaries. The Québec City Kebs are the only professional basketball team in the Quebec province and 2010 will be the start of their 4th professional season. The 2010 season begins January 2nd. For more information go to the Québec City Kebs website