Québec Counseling Week

It's under the theme of "Exploiting your Skills During a Period of Uncertainty," that the Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d'orientation et des psychoéducateurs et psychoéducatrices du Québec (OCCOPPQ) presents the Québec Counselling Week. During the week of Nov. 1-7, the OCCOPPQ offers various activities and free public conferences throughout the region of Québec. We invite you to consult the following address http://sqo.occoppq.qc.ca for more information.

Did you know that the guidance counselors from the FORT program at the Valcartier Family Centre can help when you're confronted with major changes in your professional life or when you're faced with a period of uncertainty and transition?

Our professional team is there to support you if you've lost our job, decide to return to school or if you would like to embark on a new career direction. There are currently three bilingual guidance counsellors that can help you compile a list of your competencies, support you in your decision-making, gain a better understanding of the current work environment and the different possibilities for a return to school.

You are also invited to use our Resource Centres, which are complete with job postings, Internet, photocopy and fax services, access to an employer directory and information on educational institutes as well as a complete resource library in both French and English.
If you would like to meet with a guidance counselor to discuss employment and/or educational possibilities, do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at Valcartier (418-844-6060) and Sainte-Foy (418-649-6505)