Give Me One Good Reason to Vote in the Upcoming Municipality Elections

No substantial opposition has already placed Régis Labeaume in the winner's circle as the "re-elected" mayor of Québec City. Now it seems the only reason to vote is to secure a new arena for a potential NHL team; since Mr. Labeaume has made it clear that the project will be shut down if he doesn't have a strong majority win.

Without any clear platform for the upcoming election, we can only speculate if a new arena should be in our future; will it increase our taxes and by how much? When he was first elected in 2007, plans for a rising cosmopolitan city were placed on the table, now major projects seem to be his main obligation.

The Équipe Labeaume objectives seem good, in theory, but they are nothing above and beyond what we expect of a mayor. The city's infrastructure needs to be upgraded, sustainable eco-friendly alternatives (that are convenient and cost effective, unlike the Ecolobus) need to be considered. The needs of our city are already in our collective conscience and we assume that all of our city hall electives would have it in mind as well.

The only particular that goes beyond what we expect from our candidates is the possibility of a new arena. The spoils from Mr. Labeaume's bribe for a strong majority that could end up being more damaging to the taxpayers' then beneficial.