Oysters and a bottle of Worcestershire

My father told me that in the olden days - he was born in 1891 - oyster boats used to pull in to the pier near the Levis ferry. The men from the offices on Peter Street, then the principal business, law and journalism district of Quebec City, came down to meet the boats. Long tables were set up on the pier, covered with newspapers. Each man armed with his own oyster knife or screwdriver in a pinch, could buy a bucket of oysters from the boat, take his place standing at the table and join the many other happy slurpers as they pried open the shells, cut loose the delectable sea creature within, and swallowed the delicious salty morsel. Some men might even remembered to bring a seasonal bottle of Worcestershire at the announcement that the boats were coming.

No doubt the local purveyors of liquid refreshments also made their presence known with a welcome barrel of the suds, Dow! perhaps, or Boswell`s when those fine companies still graced the town, and blessed the dry throats of throngs! Picture the wagon pulled by the fine Boswell horses drawing up to the pier, loaded with great barrels of promise! Ah, the good old days of someone`s memory!

Marianna O`Gallagher