Ready for the Next Challenge

An Interview with Pierre Paul-Hus, potential candidate for the Conservative Party in Louis-Hébert

Pierre Paul-Hus is a man ready for the next challenge. He greets me at his office on Rene Levesque with a firm handshake and guides me to the boardroom, a formidable room complete with a floor-to-ceiling safe (the building was formerly a bank). His physical bearing betrays his military experience; an infantry reserve officer and for the last four years the Commanding Officer of the Régiment de la Chaudière, he has held private audience with Queen Elizabeth and was the first foreign teacher at France's military college, the École National in Paris. In civilian life he is General Manager of Prestige magazine, an upscale French-language publication, and a father of two young children. All of which is fine and dandy, but it begs the question: Why politics? And why now?

"Lots of people have asked me that question," he says, speaking in English. "I'm going to turn 40 soon, and I am ready for the next challenge."

Pierre Paul-Hus hopes to be the candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in the upcoming elections in the riding of Louis-Hébert which includes most of Sillery and Sainte-Foy, as well as much of Ancienne Lorette.

"I know Quebec City," he says. "Politics is my way to give back for the things I've received from the community."

Despite being a supporter of the Conservatives, Paul-Hus was unable to involve himself actively in politics due to his position as an officer in the military. Still, in this capacity he was able to gain valuable insight into the functioning of the federal government and the day-to-day demands of budgets paid for by taxpayers.

"I'm used to that stuff," he says, with a bit of a smile.

Paul-Hus has plenty of experience with the business community in Quebec City through his work with his magazine and involvement with non-profit organizations. He also has ties to the English-speaking community, both with its older families, several of whom he mentions by name, as well as newer additions, such as immigrants from Thailand, Syria, and Vietnam.

The riding of Louis Hébert is currently occupied by a member of the Bloc Quebecois, Pascal-Pierre Paillé. From 2006-2008 the riding was represented by Conservative Luc Harvey. If Paul-Hus succeeds in winning the nomination and then the seat as an MP, his goals are to attract federal investments in order to improve the infrastructure for its citizens, and to promote it as a tourist destination for visitors. Unfortunately, he faces the all too common obstacle of having the federalist vote split among three or four parties, with the result of a separatist victory. But that does not dissuade Pierre Paul-Hus.

"I'm doing this because I believe in Quebec and I believe in Canada and I'm committed to making it work."