The Kebs Quebec hire Hasbani

Mr Vincent Bernier, President of the Kebs is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Alejandro Hasbani as The Kebs new Head Coach.


Mr Vincent Bernier, President of the Kebs and Mr. Alejandro Hasbani The Kebs new Head Coach

Mr Vincent Bernier, President of the Kebs is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Alejandro Hasbani as the new head coach of the Kebs, Québec City’s local team in the Professional Basketball League (PBL).

This comes as a natural progression for the Kebs, as Hasbani joined the team as Assistant Coach at the end of the 2009 – 2010 season. Though Hasbani is originally from Argentina, he has a strong resume filled with experience in leading the next generation of Quebecois talent. Hasbani was the former coach of the Montreal Sasquatch (PBL), assistant coach of the Montreal Matrix (ABA), also knows very well the Quebecois college basketball lead players at Cegep Montmorency and College Rosemont.

Hasbani’s international experience from coaching in countries like Mexico and Argentina is bound to assist Québec’s local young talent in developing their skills rapidly. He is also one of few the Head Coach’s who participated at the Pan American games who brought home the gold and was an assistant coach for the Argentine national team at the Atlanta Olympics. 

"We are pleased that Alejandro has accepted our offer," said Vincent Bernier, president of Kebs, "He has an impressive background and an immense passion and vision for the development of our youths basketball talent, not only for the region, but also for the entire province."

In 2009- 2010 season the Kebs plans on delivering an intensive training program, driving their players’ comprehensive and responsive levels to new heights in the PBL. "The Kebs primary mission is to enable Quebecois youth an opportunity to develop at a professional league level. We have been successful so far of building a strong team with promising local talent. However, we offer a few foreign players the unique opportunity gain the same professional exposure. It’s possible in that within three years we could have an entire team of Quebecois." refers Hasbani. Who then goes on to add “I am looking to build a team with an aggressive defensive style that shows great strategy on the field. This formula will ensure that the Kebs win throughout the year."

The Kebs 2009 – 2010 season starts in December with several intense exhibition games. Launching the regular season in 2010 with numerous high energy action packed games. Stay tuned for when Coach Hasbani unveils the 2009-2010 Kebs roster filled with undeniable local and international talent, which other PBL teams will be forced to reckon with.