Wendake's Special Summer Events

Summer 2008 493.jpg
Photo: Marie White

Jingle dress dancer at Wendake's annual pow wow every July.

Wendake’s Special Summer Attractions

By Marie White Wendake will be festive throughout the summer with the nation beating to the drums of its annual pow wow from July 31 to August 2, followed by the Traditional and Contemporary Arts Festival August 14 to 16 and culminating with the Harvest Festival in September.

Very popular visitor sites include the reconstructed traditional village OnhoüΛ Chetek8e, numerous arts and crafts shops throughout the village, the mighty Kabir-Kouba falls, the historic Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Church and the Maison Tsawenhohi, built for the nation’s Grand Chief Nicolas Vincent circa 1820 then renovated and opened to the public under the impetus and expertise of his descendent François Vincent  Kiowarini in 2003.

A trip might also include the award-winning new Hôtel-Musée Premières nations which is promoting a special Kiugwe package deal. Deals including supper and/or lodgings and show are also available at the Sagamité, La Huronnière, La Maison Aorenche  and Le Piolet. 

Enjoy the warm, unique culture of the Huron-Wendats in the beautiful summer days.