The antidote to valentine’s

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Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City, Dawson Creek, Feb. 6, 2008- Who says Valentine’s Day is for lovers only?  And who says the rest of us have to suffer the slings and arrows of valentine deprivation?  Welcome to Craftyhearts, the creative antidote to the common valentine (without being anti-Valentines). If you live in one of the cities targeted by Craftyhearts, you may be lucky enough to stumble across an interactive, quirky alternative to the standard Valentines fare of heart-shaped chocolates and pre-fab cards. Or if you don’t, maybe you’re a match for us, and you’d like to join the Craftyhearts revolution as we’re seeking scheming accomplices to join our network.

 Craftyhearts, qu'est-ce que c'est? At the moment, Craftyhearts is cross-Canada team of undercover cupids who are prone to spontaneous outbursts of karmic generosity in the form of handmade Valentine’s cards. After collectively creating piles of colourful, heartfelt cards, crafters take a bundle home and gleefully plant them into unexpected places for random passers-by on Valentine’s Day. Imagine finding a card peeking out of the fresh produce at your local grocery shop, or discovering one sitting at the bottom of your Laundromat’s dryer during the weekly drudgery. Quelle surprise! The goal of each handmade card is to inject an unforeseen sparkle of intrigue and Valentine’s spirit into someone’s day.

Each Valentine’s card includes the following note:
Happy Valentine’s Day! Please spread some cheer and  
♥do something nice for someone today.♥
This card was handmade by a member of Craftyhearts, an interactive urban experiment that makes Valentine’s Day accessible to all. Share your story about how & where you found this and recount your V-day deed at [email protected]  We’ll post your tales on our site that unveils the faces behind the hearts:

Our Craftyheart ‘cells’ to date include a host of sly individuals, but most notable is the participation of a cluster of high-school and elementary students in Dawson Creek, BC and in Quebec City, QC, under the guidance of Debbie Longley and Stewart Grant. They’ll be spreading the love by making and distributing more cards than you can shake a dozen long-stemmed roses at.   

Picture_2.pngThe story behind the project: Craftyhearts was born out of a touch of insomnia, a tinge of romantic weariness, but mostly out of the fertile ground of friendship between Marites Carino and Jill Goldberg, both of whom figured out long ago that if they relied on romance to make Valentine’s seem valentiney, they’d need the patience of Job, and even then the rewards might only be worth the price of last-minute drugstore chocolates. So, they reckoned, why not celebrate love in all its forms?  Love isn’t confined to being lovey dovey over Valentine’s dinner, but sometimes the most significant kinds of love are the ones we neglect amidst the frenzy of obligatory demonstrations of romantic love. Taking the exclusivity out of Valentine’s just might make it fun again, and in an era of e-cards and mass-produced sentiments, the joy of unexpectedly receiving a handmade note could make this February 14th
memorable  - if you keep your eyes (and heart) open to the possibilities.   

If you’re sweet on this idea because it resuscitates your Valentine’s verve, we’re looking for other sneaky elves to set up shop all over the continent. Please drop us a line and we’ll put you in the loop. For media requests and info: Montreal: Marites Carino 514-844-0402; Vancouver: Jill Goldberg 604-739-6105; Quebec City: Stewart Grant 418-559-6293; Dawson Creek Debbie Longley 250-782-2819