St. Lawrence Well Represented at Forum Etudiant

Cegep Champlain St. Lawrence was once again very well represented at this year's Forum Etudiant, held at the National Assembly from January 6-10

Group Picture.jpg
Photo: Assemblee Nationale

Front: Julien Fortier, Edenne Fournier, Fanny Landry Lymburner, Alexandre Piral; Back: Jean-Luc Plourde (Political Science Intern), Alexandre Catta

The 17th edition of the Forum Etudiant took place from January 6th to January 10th 2009 at the National Assembly and the Delta Hotel in Québec. 5 Students from St. Lawrence participated in this activity:

* Mr. Alexandre Catta

* Mr. Julien Fortier

* Miss Fanny Landry-Lymburner

* Miss Edenne Fournier

* Mr. Alexandre Piral (winner of the 100$ bursary From the Jean-Charles Bonenfant Foundation)

Each St. Lawrence participant did an excellent job in their role as deputy in the official opposition (The Parti Libéral Progressiste). They had the tough job of defending the liberalist ideology in a context of economic crisis. Each SLC member had the honor to be appointed to a specific position within their party. Mr. Catta was chosen as Parliamentary leader, Mr. Fortier as Opposition Whip, Miss Fournier as Official Critic for Municipalities and Regions, Mr. Piral as official critic in Education and Miss Landry as Childhood, Family and Elderly Matters official critic.

All participated in the 5 sessions at the National Assembly and a few received roles in a special commissions for: The Nationalization of Wind Energy, the Reorganization of the Private/Public System of Education and Study/Work Conciliation. This tremendous amount of work to be done required them to work long hours; waking up at 6:00am and going to bed at 1:00am.

It should also be noted that even with this large work load, each delegate from St. Lawrence took the time to help the other participants with various tasks, such as preparing speeches or preparing questions for the next day's question period.

Finally a special mention goes to Mr. Alexandre Catta who, on the last day, made a one-minute declaration at the start of the session concerning the English community and it is to be noted that this speech was the only one in the whole legislature to be made in English. Another important mention goes to Mr. Alexandre Piral who won a 100$ bursary from the Jean-Charles Bonnenfant Foundation. This bursary is awarded to a student for his exemplary participation as decided by the 10 coaches accompanying the opposition party members.

Congratulations to all our representatives, and a special thank you to Jean Luc Plourde, Political Science intern, for his involvement with the group.