Al Gore's Message Reaches Quebec City

Jean-François Barsoum to guest speak at St.Lawrence College on Feb 17th.

St.Lawrence students and staff are getting ready for the upcoming visit of Jean-François Barsoum, a public speaker who was trained, along with 250 other carefully chosen Canadians, by former American presidential candidate and social activist Al Gore.  Mr. Barsoum will deliver his speech on Thursday, February 17th at 12:10 in room 348.  Guests from everywhere in the city are encouraged to come and show their support for the environmental cause.

Jean-François Barsoum promises to offer a very interesting and refreshing speech, given his impressive job experiences.  As a strategic consultant for IBM, he has been working on helping companies integrate as financial institutions, while promoting higher education and professionnal associations among various organizations around the world.  After having been selected to take part in the Climate Project Canada, he was given the task of communicating to the population material directly related with Al Gore's acclaimed documentary An Inconvenient Truth.  Not only do these speeches shed light on important issues, but they also offer hope through concrete solutions.

The Climate Project Canada is a non-profit organization.  In addition to their concrete activities, the members of this organization are proud to raise awareness on climate changes with this series of presentations.  Those who have already seen Gore's movie will be pleased to learn that the speech offers a more up-to-date perspective on the situation.

Mr. Barsoum's speech will certainly be a highlight of this season's social activism activities at St.Lawrence.  Be sure to be there; it's free!