Avant-garde art installations offer fresh perspectives

Photo: Comunications Sira ba

Instead of singin’ in the rain, inventor-cumcomposer Paul De Marinis makes the rain sing. Showcasing De Marinis’ installation, Rain Dance, along with a wonderland of similarly grand curiosities that marry science and technology with art, a special outdoor edition of Le Mois Multi will be held in and around Saint-Roch and the lower town throughout the weekend.

It's too bad we're hearing about this the day before the exhibit closes.  I think the paper needs to talk about these things ahead of time.  If this is your 2nd article about the exhibit, I stand corrected, but I really don't remember hearing about it before.

This was the first article appearing on the Mois Multi. I attended the event on the opening night, Sept. 11th, and the review appeared Sept.17th in print and online. Readers were therefore given four days to attend the festival before its closing on Sept.20th.