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Objects and their meaning

A visit of two museum exhibitions

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Photo: MNBAQ

Material culture is that segment of man’s physical environment which is purposely shaped by him according to a culturally dictated plan.” James Deetz (1930-2000)

Stradivari’s Heritage: Jing Wang competes for precious violin

Photo: Photo courtesy of Jing Wang

The Canada Council for the Arts will announce the winners of 2012 Musical Instrument Bank competition from among 30 finalists on Wednesday, September 26. One of the finalists who competed in Toronto is violinist Jing Wang who made his debut here with the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec at the tender age of 9. Jing lived in Quebec City for seven years and his family still lives here.

VEQ Fall Fest brings family and friends together

fall fest1.jpg
Photo: Allison Van Rassel

The third edition of the Voice of English-speaking Quebec Fall Fest took place this Saturday at Quebec High School where family and friends gathered to celebrate the vitality of the community. Businesses and groups such as the Quebec City Women’s Club, Champlain St.

Strong Celtic Men Wear Kilts

Photo: Danielle Burns

Strong man Dirk Bishop explained to the crowd gathered on the Quebec High School sports field last Saturday when the Celtic Festival joined forces with VEQ’s Fall Fest, that he is “not just some guy who likes to wear a skirt in public.” In fact the “skirt,” actually a kilt, worn by Bishop is an ancient Cameron tartan.

Plan ahead for the 2nd annual QuebeCrime Festival

Are you waiting anxiously to know the lineup for the QuebeCrime Festival which is happening later in October? La Maison Anglaise is proud to welcome more than 20 authors from around the world. There will be readings, panel discussions and book signings with Crime and Mystery authors from Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Quebec, Sweden and the United States.

VEQ Fall Fest

Doug Williams, QHS ceramics teacher, demonstrated his white-clay pottery skills.

Madonna Magic lights up the Plains


Photo by Jay Ouellet

Uplifting and inspirational! 2012 Quebec International of Sacred Music

Photo: Marie White

The 16th Quebec International of Sacred Music promises to be uplifting and inspirational from September 8 to 16 under the artistic direction of Canadian counter-tenor Daniel Taylor. “It is with sincere pride,” says Taylor in his welcoming message online, “that we present to you the 2012 edition. We celebrate new beginnings as we join together for our sacred journey.

Madonna Magic lights up the Plains

Photo: Jay Ouellet

Under a brilliant full moon accompanied by a chilling September 1st wind, Madonna mesmerized  the over 70,000 fans of all walks of life and ages who turned out to see the Queen of Pop live for the first time in Quebec City as she electrified the evening in a non-stop visual extravaganza that could be heard well into the old city.

Morrin Centre a natural choice for bestselling author Paul Almond

Quebec, August 31, 2012 – Author and filmmaker Paul Almond will launch The Pilgrim, the fourth novel in his Alford Saga, on Wednesday, September 12. After his experience as honorary president of the ImagiNation Writers’ Festival last April, Paul Almond concluded the Morrin Centre was the logical place to launch his book. The reading and book signing will start at 6 p.m.

Celtic Tunes and Cartoons

Photo: Danielle Burns

The 7th annual Celtic Festival kicked off on a high note on Thursday, August 30, with a Cartoon Concert at St. Andrew’s Church (next to the Morrin Centre) bringing musicians and cartoon artists together in a visually and acoustically pleasing performance that was very different from your average night out at the movies.

Grand Concert celebrates 150 years of the Voltigeurs de Québec

Photo: Marie White

Festival of Military Music Parade

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

“Seventy-six trombones led the big parade . . . .” Well, not quite, but I’ll bet there were more than 76 trombones (and a lot of bagpipes) in total during the entire parade.

Madonna: Crazy for you

Photo: from Madonna’s website

Madonna the Queen of Pop, with over 300 million records sold worldwide is going to perform on the Plains of Abraham this Saturday, September 1.

Countdown to Madonna!


Quebec Celtic Festival 2012

(Adapted from a press release) The seventh edition of The Quebec City Celtic Festival will be held from August 30 to September 16 on the Chaussée des Écossais, at the Morrin Centre, and in various pubs and bistros in Québec.

Special celebrations mark Sillery’s 375th year


Robert Dobell (Martin Bernier) poses proudly with the March 12, 1877 issue of The Morning Chronicle.
Photo by Marie White


101st edition of Expo Québec

Photo: Danielle Burns

Dog lovers gather at the Base de plein air de Sainte-Foy

Photo: Marie White

The Société canine de Québec held one of its most prestigious dog shows of the year at the Base de plein air in Sainte-Foy from August 3 to 5. Despite the heat wave, dog lovers gathered happily to enjoy another fun day of dog competitions. Judges Bruce Owen and Sandra Lex came from Ontario to judge the breed confirmation competitions and

New OSQ conductor starts off Classik music festival

Photo: Alexandre Sheldon

Quebec City’s summer classical music festival began last Wednesday with the first performance of the Orchestre Symphonique de Québec’s new musical director Fabien Gabel.

Quebec history at a glance in the Festival of New France parade

History tells us that New France was founded during the age of the great European discoveries in the 16th century. Anyone meandering the streets of Quebec from August 1 to 5 would have been thrown back in time a few hundred years to discover for themselves some of the everyday activities that occurred in New France at that time.

American and Mexican women and Surrealism

Photo: MNBAQ

For the past couple of years, the Musée National des beaux-arts du Quebec has sought to make the public appreciate the role of women in contemporary art, in Canada and more generally around the world.  The ongoing exhibition “In Wonderland: The Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists in Mexico and the United States” focuses on woman artists involved in Surrealism south of us.   We should

Concert on the Jeffery Hale Terrace

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photo: Frank Scardina

Surrealism in the Unites States

The Chess Queens.jpg
Photo: MNBAQ

Two distinct artistic events introduced Surrealism in the US: The 1936 Fantastic art, Dada and Surrealism exhibition presenting more an avant-garde than Surrealism specifically, the visit of Salvador Dali during the New York 1939 World’s Fair where he created an underwater ballet, part of the Dream of Venus (see images on

Surrealism in Mexico


In the early 20th century, Paris was considered the artistic capital of the western world wahere art had become more a product of the mind and less the representation of what is perceived by the senses.

Individualism became more and more important and thus one witnessed a variety of new trends.

Surrealism in Mexico

Photo: MNBAQ

In the early 20th century, Paris, was considered the artistic capital of the western world where art had become more a product of the mind and less the representation of what is perceived by the senses.   Individualities became more and more important and thus one witnessed a variety of new currents.

Surrealism: Crossing the Atlantic to the New World

Danger, Construction Ahead (5).jpg
Photo: MNBAQ

NoteThe exhibition, Au Pays des Merveilles:  Les Aventures surrealists des femmes artistes au Mexique et aux Etats-Unis, presently at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, in of such importance that it has to be taken into account in more than one commentary.

Concert confirms Michel Legrand has still got ‘it’

Photo: Photo by Bethann G. Merkle

In concert with Les Violons du Roy at the Palais Montcalm on June 7 and 8, Michel Legrand was charming, eloquent, and downright delightful. At 80, the prolific composer and performer is still a virtuoso as he played a program which he had written and arranged.

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