Meet Danielle Burns

Photo: Danielle Burns

Danielle Burns hails from the “Paris of the Prairies,” Saskatoon. She first came to Quebec as a French-language student in 1996. She met a bush pilot from Lévis during a summer job at a luxury fishing lodge in Northern Saskatchewan. Her friends were not surprised that she ended up with a Québécois since she was so gung-ho about all things French! After receiving her Bachelor of Education, she moved to Baie-Comeau to teach high school English. Job opportunities brought her and her water-bomber husband to magnificent Quebec City and they have never looked back. During the last six years they have shared their time between Quebec, L.A. and Maldives- a scattering of islands in the Indian Ocean. Danielle is an avid soccer player and has an intense love for traveling. She looks forward to meeting community members and writing for the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph.