Meet Dan Gilbert, the QCT’s newest journalist

dan gilbertug3uoi.jpg

My journey to becoming a writer took shape in my teenage years, when I was involved with Quebec High School's student newspaper The Scoop. Years later, while attending McGill University, I became a regular contributor for the school's independently run newspaper the McGill Tribune, and it was during that period I knew for certain that I  wanted to pursue a career in writing. 

Knowing I had discovered my niche, I transferred to Bishop's University, where I had the privilege of studying and learning about the broad field of media and journalism from a variety of decorated professionals in the industry. During an unforgettable time at Bishop's, I not only had the opportunity to become sports editor for the school's student newspaper The Campus, I also obtained my first job as a freelance journalist for the local newspaper The Sherbrooke Record, commonly known simply as The Record. 

Having graduated with a Bachelor's degree and returning to the city that raised me, I can't emphasize how grateful I am to be welcomed into the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph family with open arms. I'm committed to this newspaper because I grew up on it; the QCT unequivocally remains a strong staple in the community I cherish, and this is my chance to give back. 

I take pride in representing the oldest and most esteemed newspaper in North America, and genuinely look forward to building on all the great things the QCT has to offer. Here's to opening a new chapter and extending the tradition!