Meet Alexandre Sheldon

Photo: Alexandre Sheldon

Alexandre is a writer, researcher, musician, teacher, movie-maker and journalist. When he finds the time, he’s also quite fond of cooking and cycling. Born in Quebec City’s St. Louis de France parish in 1983, he had the chance of growing up in a bilingual setting, having a Francophone mother and an Anglophone father. Overcoming the inner turmoil caused by such a linguistic duality (especially at the time of the 1995 referendum), he studied international political economy first in French at Laval University (BA) and then in English at McMaster University (MA) in Hamilton, Ontario. For the last three years, he lived in Gaspe, working as a college teacher in the English, history and political science departments. He has contributed to many publications as a writer, editor and journalist. Recently, he participated in the production of a book on Canadian fiscal policy and tax havens which will be published by Écosociété in early 2013. He is now back in his home town and works as a film reporter and editor for the NGO Vivre en Ville. Alexandre has been writing articles for the QCT since July 2012.