Katherine Bleeker displays her Bonhomme mania

bonhomme mania.jpg
Photo: Photo by Shirley Nadeau

Katherine Bleeker (front, holding Bonhomme doll) shares her collection of Winter Carnival paraphernalia with her daughter Skyler Giguère and her friend Jennyfer Webster, and friends Laura Tibbitts-Napke and Sonya Deal (standing) who were visiting from Nova Scotia. The white “Carnival tree” in the background is covered with Bonhomme effigies.

Local resident Katherine Bleeker is crazy about Quebec City’s Winter Carnival.

She has an amazing collection of Bonhomme Carnaval effigies (those small plastic figures of the chubby white carnival mascot that have been sold during Carnival every year since 1955) pinned to a ceinture fléchée (the traditional colourful Carnival sash) draped above her fireplace.