Jeffery Hale-Saint Brigid’s shows appreciation for its many volunteers

st brigids volunteers.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Jeffery Hale-Saint Brigid's thanked its many volunteers during a cocktail party at the Home. Long-time volunteer and (since 2004) St. Brigid's Guild president Gertie Grogan is surrounded by Jennifer Hobbs Robert, Marie-France Robitaille, Manon Baril, Stéphane Marcoux (back), Patricia Lemieux, Marie-Ève Beaudoin, Myriam Gaudreault and Marie-Christine Beaulieu.

On May 18, Jeffery Hale-Saint Brigid’s celebrated the work of its volunteers by hosting a cocktail party in their honour, inviting friends, family and residents at St. Brigid’s Home.

The group honoured Gertie Grogan, one of Saint Brigid's Guild’s founding members, for her decades of dedication.

“Without you, we would not be able to do half the things we do here at St. Brigid’s Home,” said volunteer support worker Myriam Gaudreault. “We want you to sit back, relax and enjoy the evening. As you can see, the theme of this celebration is ‘Volunteers make our lives sweeter’.”

“Each and every day, we strive to provide great service and an enriching environment to our residents,” said Marie-Ève Beaudoin, St. Brigid’s unit head. “We would not be able to accomplish this goal without your enormous contribution to provide a fulfilling and enjoyable environment for our residents. The positive impact of your efforts has made the work of the staff so much easier.”

“Without countless hours of volunteer work, St. Brigid’s would not be what it is today,” said Manon Baril, assistant director of the Support Program for the Autonomy of Seniors and of the integrated university health and social services centres. “Opportunities to do volunteer work in the community are multiple and diverse. I thank you on behalf of the establishment and the residents.”

“When I arrived at St. Brigid’s, I saw something special happening within these walls,” said Marie-France Robitaille of Saint Brigid’s. “I was surprised to see volunteers serving tea to residents, singing with them, bringing them to Mass with sparkling smiles, playing games, cooking, and walking in the garden. One volunteer told me that they are not their wings, but rather the wind beneath their wings.”

Guild member Jennifer Hobbs Robert thanked one volunteer in particular, Gertie Grogan, for her decades of service to the Guild and to the Home. In 1968, Grogan joined Rita Brown in founding a committee, which became the Guild. Other members at the time included Bertha Cross and Gerry Browne. It was Grogan who gave St. Brigid’s Guild its name. In 1992, she helped found the St. Brigid’s Day Centre using her extended contacts in the English-speaking community. In 2004, she became the president of the Guild and continues to work with the group.

“You have been an inspiration to the Guild, and equally important, a most caring and loving human being. With all of the power vested in me, Gertie Edwards Grogan, I bestow upon you the honorary title of Nurse Extraordinaire Volunteer,” said Jennifer Hobbs Robert.