Jean-Sébastien J. Gignac to step down as Executive Director of Voice of English-speaking Québec

The Board of Directors of Voice of English-speaking Québec today announced the resignation of Executive Director, Jean-Sébastien Gignac. Jean-Sébastien has been with the organization since 2005, first as a Project Coordinator and as Executive Director since 2008. He has worked skillfully and tirelessly during his tenure at VEQ, creating countless new projects and partnerships, and increasing funding by more than double. His advocacy work on behalf of the English-speaking community has helped demonstrate time and time again to the French majority that “we are part of the solution, not part of the problem.”

“Though we are sad to see him go, we are pleased for him as he continues with the next stage in his career,” said Taylor Ireland, President of the Board of Directors. The Board is working closely with Jean-Sébastien to manage his transition effectively, and a Committee is working to conduct a search for a new Executive Director to start in early autumn.

Jean-Sébastien will be working with Gail Quinn and the Jeffery Hale Friends’ Foundation to help further develop the Foundation in light of the changes to Quebec's health care system. He will also be supporting Jeffery Hale Community Partners in its partnerships with both the community and public sector. Richard Walling, Executive Director of the Jeffery Hale Community Partners noted that "Jean-Sébastien will be a welcome addition to our dynamic team of employees and volunteers. I am also happy that he will be continuing to work on behalf of the English-speaking community of the region".

Mr. Gignac added “It has been a great privilege to be the Executive Director of VEQ for the last seven years. I am really happy to be able to continue working for the English-speaking community and I am looking forward to continuing to support VEQ in a different role. ”

“We send our heartfelt congratulations to Jean-Sébastien for all his years of excellent service to our community and we are very happy to see that he will continue to serve our community through the Jeffery Hale Community Partners,” said Mr. Ireland.